Reference from Jay:

"I can highly recommend Pat Hadaway and All Points Property Services and Estate Sales, to take care of any estate sale you might wish to conduct. They will take care of everything - you just need to stay out of the way. (Although they will welcome your input.) . My experience was that they come in and organize the items, set up the displays, do the necessary advertising, and supply directions to the location, conduct a very organized sale, and they get good prices. That which does not sell, they will either put on consignment for sale in the future, or will arrange for donation, including pickup and provide a donation form for your convenience. When the job is all finished, they leave the location spotlessly clean and provide a detail accounting - with a check. I don't think one can ask for much more than that. Good luck on your sale."

Jay Gueck, Attorney at Law, Dallas, TX

Assisted Relocation Services

Our client Jay, was relocating from his 2 bedroom condo, to a new home in Arlington. The new home was well furnished, and with few exceptions the majority of the major furniture was staying for an estate sale. Jay had a large collection of artwork, books, bronze statues, and other personal items that he wanted to go into storage closer to his new home. 

At his direction, All Points Estate Services securely packed the designated  personal belongings and relocated them from the Dallas area into his storage unit in Arlington.  Several other items were relocated directly to Jay's new home. 

Upon completion of the estate sale, conducted by All Points Estate Services, a complete interior cleaning was completed for the new occupant.