So, what is involved and who needs an Estate Sale? 

The General Public believes the Estate Sale Industry is built around a 'negative' situation or occurrence...."If it is an Estate Sale, then someone must have died."  This is an incorrect assumption!

What is correct is A Life Changing Decision has occurred. 

Reasons vary, including:   

1)  Someone has bought a new home and does not want existing household items;

2)  Downsizing or Rightsizing: Moving into a smaller area home or space.  Daily needs not needed at new is smaller; dinner is need for  Pot or Pans to accommodate a 20# turkey or ham anymore;

3)  Elder Care:  moving to a retirement community.  Going to have fun, not going to worry about all this stuff!;

4)  Elder Care for Parents:  Children have responsibility for remaining household items IN ADDITION to parent care at new facility;

5)  Inherited:  Property in another locale.  It is a burden to try to 'commute' and take care of the property disposition;

6)  Liquidation:  Everything needs to go! 

You may be making this decision today for yourself or for someone else.  Estate Planning is a MUST!

How and why can an Estate Sale Company help with these challenges?

Estate Sale companies have two things in common....

1)  they know how to organize, and;

2)  they have the resources...

     a)  time,

     b)  personnel,

     c)  general knowledge about personal property values,

          and are willing to research pricing and customers,

     d)  repeat Customers,

     e)  can perform the service without a lot of your time!

Estate Sale companies vary in services they provide:

1)  Some can only provide the Sale prep and actual Sale during designated dates;

2)  After the Sale, they remove their items, provide you with a Sale/Cash accounting and leave;

3)  You arrange donation pickup for remaining items, trash removal, property cleaning, Realtor/Rehabber to sell the House.

ALL POINTS is a Full Service Estate Sale Company.....

we can and will provide you with your needed services!