Estate Sale Services

How Does the Process Work ? Am I a good candidate ? 

Not all properties and contents qualify for an In-Home Estate Sale. 

If you are considering your options for personal property liquidation and/or removal, we offer this process:

1)  Call Us!  A Representative will be happy to discuss your specific situation.

2)  Schedule an Appointment!   We can visit your property, walk-through and evaluate your Estate Sale potential.  We want to conduct your Sale IF it makes sense for both of us.  A walk-through can determine that viability.

3) If your property qualifies for an Estate Sale, we will schedule a date and work efficiently to perform the Sale for you.

4)  If your property does not qualify for an Estate Sale, we can discuss options e.g. Consignment for items of value, Donation to a 501(c)3 organization, property clean out services.

We believe this service is about YOU and YOUR needs, not ours!  We know we can perform the service, respectfully and professionally.   It is our job to be part of the solution....not add to your challenges!