Frequently Asked Questions:

Q ? What's the difference between an Estate Sale and a Garage Sale ?

A !  This is probably the #1 question we get asked. Generally speaking, a garage sale is an effort by a home owner to clear some space, raise a little extra cash, or simply lighten the load. Many of the items at a garage sale are of little sentimental value, and are seen only for their potential cash value. Also a garage sale is usually conducted OUTSIDE of the main dwelling.  A properly executed Estate Sale is an effort by a person or family member to dissolve all items related to the estate. Often times this is a very emotional time.  The sales are normally conducted within the actual home.  A larger volume of items generally are for sale and this will normally require a greater work force.  Additionally, the overall value of items in an estate sale will normally exceed the dollar value of items in a garage sale. We will spend a great deal of time researching the value of items before attempting to sell them.

Q ? How Much Money Will I Make ?

A ! If the #1 question above wasn't the #1 question, then this one would be. The short answer is, "as much as we can make you". There are numerous variables that can affect the income of an estate sale. The number one variable is what is being sold. Some estate sales are loaded with items, while others are more limited.  Our goal is to ensure that every effort is made to provide the widest possible exposure for your belongings to the general public, as well as to our network of collectors, resellers, specialists and experts.  We will work exhaustively to ensure that your items are priced fairly and accurately to maximize your profits.

Q ? How do I pay you ?

A ! We enter into a contractual agreement whereby we will perform the sale, collect of the profits, and we share the proceeds on a % basis.